A little about me.

Currently I’ve been attending college to acquire a degree in Computer Information Systems: Networking Specialist. I’ve taken and passed the A+ and Net+ certification tests, and I’m currently working on taking my CCNA. This Web site and for that matter this server have come about through many hours of tinkering and searching on google. I’ve also just recently gotten an email server and webmail server up and running. It’s overkill for a home network but so is 15+ computers, Gigabit Ethernet to the desktops, 10 printers, two Network Attached Storage devices, and 1 server with Web, Email, Ftp, Active Directory, WSUS running. I enjoy working with computers and networks what can I say.

About Jeremy Clark

Small town IT worker with interests in all things technological and technical. Biggest interests are in web development especially the WordPress publishing platform and the community supporting it. Currently developing and maintain the free WordPress theme Techozoic. I'm also always available for hire.
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