WordPress 2.7 Comment Callback Function

WordPress With WordPress 2.7 coming closer and closer, I’ve been doing more work on some of the new features and implementing them in my themes. I’ve got the comments and pings separated, now I wanted a little more control of how the new comment loop displayed my comments. Namely the avatar being to small and arranging the comment meta data differently. So after a couple of days I’ve got it working using the comment callback feature. Basically you define how the comment loop pieces fit together. I’ll continue below to post the actual code.

The heart of the code is put into a themes functions.php file, if one doesn’t exist then simply adding one will suffice. This is how my comment code looks but if you look most of the pieces are from the old way the comments were displayed and the code is the same.

<?php function custom_comment($comment, $args, $depth) {
       $GLOBALS['comment'] = $comment; ?>
<li <?php comment_class(); ?> id="li-comment-<?php comment_ID( ); ?>">
<div id="comment-<?php comment_ID( ); ?>">
       <div class="avatar_cont"><?php if ($args['avatar_size'] != 0) echo get_avatar( $comment, $args['avatar_size'] ); ?></div>
Comment by <em><?php comment_author_link() ?></em>:
<?php if ($comment->comment_approved == '0') : ?>
<em>Your comment is awaiting moderation.</em>
<?php endif; ?>
<br />
<small class="commentmetadata"><a href="#comment-<?php comment_ID() ?>" title="">
<?php comment_date('l, F jS Y') ?> at <?php comment_time() ?></a>&nbsp;|&nbsp;<?php edit_comment_link('Edit','',''); ?></small>
	<?php comment_text() ?>

<?php echo comment_reply_link(array('before' => '<div class="reply">', 'after' => '</div>', 'reply_text' => 'Reply to this comment', 'depth' => $depth, 'max_depth' => $args['max_depth'] ));  ?>
<?php } ?>

The biggest headache I had was with the comment reply link, I was looking at some older pre beta 2 code and some of the options had since been changed.

After getting the code into the functions file it’s necessary to tell the comment loop to use these directions for displaying. Editing the wp_list_comments function like below will call the custom template.

<?php wp_list_comments('callback=custom_comment'); ?>

Notice the custom_comment is the same as the function name in the first block of code, this is how it’s identified.

Thanks to Otto for pointing this out:
Instead of hardcoding the avatar size the callback code will now pull out the size that you specify in the wp_list_comments arguments. As an example this would produce a avatar size of 48 while still using the custom callback.

<?php wp_list_comments('avatar_size=48&callback=custom_comment'); ?>

Thanks to Jan Dembowski for pointing out a problem with the comment form box not showing up in the right place when replying to comments. The code above reflects the change necessary to fix the problem. By adding this

<div id="comment-<?php comment_ID( ); ?>">

and then closing the div before the end of the function the comment form will now show up right underneath the comment being replied to instead of under all the children comments.

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