Simple:Press Forum to bbPress Forum Conversion

As part of a refresh on this site, the support forums have been migrated over to bbPress. There are a handful of importers available for some of the major forum software packages, but none existed for the plugin Simple:Press forum. The Simple:press forum had been used as the support forums for the WordPress theme Techozoic Fluid and other general WordPress questions.

Although the forum worked great and had many nice features, it was just overkill for the simple needs the support forum had. It was closer to a full blown forum software, and less of a forum plugin. While bbPress started out as a standalone forum it has recently been turned into a WordPress plugin and it’s simplicity had always been a big plus.

Luckily after some searching Mark Barnes had already ran across this problem posted the solution in a form of a plugin. The source code for the plugin is below. While this worked in his and my case it might not work for everyone. It’s best to always have a complete backup before attempting a major conversion like this. After creating a php file from the code and uploading it to your plugins directory, activate the plugin (don’t worry it won’t do anything yet). After activation, visit http://your-site-link?bbpressimport=1 this will pull in all the forums, topics, and replies. If you have an existing bbPress install that you just want overwritten use http://your-site-link?bbpressimport=1&delete=1 (this will delete everything from your bbPress install, use with caution). After verifying that the forums and entries were created, you’ll need to use the recount function to correct all the stats for the bbPress install. This will be under your WordPress dashboard’s Tools -> Recount menu.

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