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Over the summer the school system where I worked switched over to running Linux servers. We replaced 6 antiquated Novell Netware servers with 6 shiny new Linux servers. We’ve amassed a small collection of scripts and guides to setting up these servers and I thought that I would share the knowledge.

First a little background of what were trying to and for the most part accomplished. We need a file, logon, dhcp, and dns server. Well we chose to go with CentOS 5.2 since it was based on Red Hat and the Technology Director and I were very comfortable with it. So we setup Samba and OpenLDAP for file sharing and logon authentication. Of course Bind for dns and Internet Systems Consortium Dhcp server (Red Hat’s default). Bind and Dhcp were very straight forward. The real struggle was with Samba and LDAP.

More on this to come.

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