Value of Email Newsletters

Most of today’s informal communication is done through the computer and most of that is trough email. It makes sense that businesses would use this tool to communicate with their customers. What is a better medium that allows communication with so many people with so little effort or cost. Email marketing is good for businesses, but as some have taken it to extremes with spam it pays to respect the customers and not fill their inbox with unnecessary info.

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Jetpack Infinite Scroll Credit Text

In the next version of Techozoic Fluid that is almost ready to be released, support for the Jetpack Infinite Scroll module has been added. After following Otto’s guide on getting support added, I noticed that the scrolling footer that is included by default has the standard WordPress credit link. After reviewing the code I discovered that there was a filter specifically for the credit links, which makes it super simple to change out the text.

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Options Framework & Theme Customizer

While working on the next version of Techozoic Fluid I’ve been incorporating the new theme customizer features of WordPress 3.4. Currently Techozoic uses the Options Framework from Devin Price to handle all the settings pages. The framework is awesome and saves developers tons of time implementing the settings api. As always Devin already had a great tutorial on using the customizer with the framework. He went over all the basics of getting it working together. However with Techozoic there are many options and including them in the customizer by hand would have been a huge job. So I came up with this simple loop to accomplish the job of getting all the options into the customizer.

After following all the directions from Devin about changing the options array to used named keys then this loop will come into play. I’ll go over the basics of what the loop does. First of all you’ll need to replace all instances of theme_slug with your own theme’s slug. The $customizer_array is where it starts this array setups your option sections and which options will be displayed in each section. The sample array is broken down into two sub arrays the key of these being the section id used for the customizer sections, this will produce two sections. Under each of these is some info about the section itself name is the title of the section, localized in this example, and priority is where in the customizer list the section will show up. Next is the settings key which is an array itself of option ids that you setup early following Devin’s tutorial.

Now on to the loop itself, basically this will loop over each section and then loop over each settings array in that section. Then it will use the appropriate way of adding the option to the customizer, since the different option types require slightly different way of adding them to the customizer. Currently only checkbox, radio, text, select, color, and image option types are supported. While extending the customizer is entirely possible it’s beyond this guide.

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Include Custom Post Type Templates From Plugin

While writing advanced plugins using custom post types sometimes it becomes necessary to completely take over the display of the particular custom post type display template. While using filters can work for most things sometimes a whole template must be included. One example of this would be if using the custom post type as an endpoint for an api request, where having any additional markup would cause the request to fail.

To include the template from the plugin directory the template_include filter has to be used. The code below will check in the current theme directory before including the one in the plugin folder. This allows for the theme to always be able to override the template. This also shows how to include multiple templates, using simple conditional statements like is_single.
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Jetpack by Automattic

I’ve recently installed the Jetpack plugin, and I can say so far it was a wise choice. It has replaced four plugins, and added many more features on top of that. It replaced my contact form, Twitter integration, and social bookmarking plugin, all were more than I needed anyway. I’ve only setup two simple contact forms and they were easily changed over. The Twitter integration plugin was also easily replaced. Just had the widget setup as well as auto-tweet new posts both of which were included in Jetpack. If you’re looking for a plugin that has loads of features and tools that will help you run your site more efficiently, consider checking out Jetpack.

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