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May 17, 2010 at 10:27 am #927


Thank you for posting 1.8.7 on the WP theme download server. I’ve updated my site, patched my custom patches back into the header.php file, and can report that everything is working quite well. I like having additional options in the menu, and it is good to see the few little bugs that were in 1.8.6 fixed.

Meanwhile I’ve been experimenting with WP 3.2 Beta, and this has some features that will, I suspect, either make a lot of work or take away a lot of work from many theme builders. The beta shines in the improvements to the WP menus. The menus have been a pain for quite some time and initially drove me away from WP and to Drupal about a year ago. The new menu structure in 3.2 is a dream. You can build any number of menus, with any desired degree of depth (dropdown), and you can mix custom links, pages, and categories at will. Best of all (from my standpoint) is that you can have menu items that don’t do anything at all — they just hold a place for their submenu items. For example, I need a main menu item that says “Online Connections” and that has various sub-items such as “email lists”, “social network”, “chat” etc. I don’t want the main menu item to do anything or go anywhere; it’s just a heading for the sub-items. That was impossible in WP 2.9x and it’s impossible in Techozoic, unless there’s a hack somewhere that I’m not aware of. The new menu structure also makes it super simple to arrange items in the order you want: just drag and drop, no more cumbersome editing of sequence numbers.

I’m not quite ready to commit to the beta, but I suspect that I’ll be going there before too long, unless a major bug turns up. I’ve tried Techozoic with the beta and it seems to run fine, but it isn’t compatible with the new menu structure, so I could use the new menu structure only in a widget in a sidebar. That defeats the purpose. I would suspect that WP 3x is going to be very popular with people who want WP to be more of a CMS (including me!) and it’s going to force a lot of theme builders to rework their menus to accommodate the nifty new features.

With appreciation for your excellent theme,

May 17, 2010 at 11:24 am #928

Jeremy Clark

I’m glad that 1.8.7 is working better for you. I’ve also been very impressed with the new nav menu builder. I was also holding off on implementing unto the features were more fleshed out and the functions were better defined and documented. Since beta 2 came out recently I will be working on getting Techozoic compatible with the new feature. I try to stay on the cutting edge with wordpress features. Within the next couple of version the new nav menu should be an option, so keep an eye out.

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