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Updated WordPress Twitter Functions

Since the retirement of version 1.0 of Twitter’s API is underway, I’ve been updating the Twitter integration code in the Techozoic Fluid theme. I don’t agree with all the changes to the API, especially the requirement that all API requests, … Continue reading

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Include Custom Post Type Templates From Plugin

While writing advanced plugins using custom post types sometimes it becomes necessary to completely take over the display of the particular custom post type display template. While using filters can work for most things sometimes a whole template must be … Continue reading

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Cloud-Based Development Environment

Keeping development environments in sync between two locations can be challenging. One solution might be to switch to a cloud-based environment using DropBox. Netbeans is an IDE that works very well, as it has ftp/sftp support and git/svn integration. Netbeans … Continue reading

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Making Theme Widget Areas More Dynamic

Making a horizontal widget area more dynamic. Instead of hard-coding the widths of each widget and making the layout static, I decided to make it have dynamic widths. By dynamic I’m not just talking about using percentage widths, but making the widths dependent on how many widgets are added to the area. By using a built-in WordPress function and some simple php math, dynamic widths can easily be applied. Continue reading

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WordPress Self-Hosted Plugin Update API

Have a plugin that can’t be submitted to the official repository? Code is now on GitHub please see here for updated version. Many reasons exist but the biggest is that the plugin/support is sold therefore can’t be downloaded for free. … Continue reading

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