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Server Migration – Part 2

I’ve finished the server migration and everything was successful and only maybe 30-45 minutes of downtime. The old computer I’m using for a server got an upgrade while I was migrating as well. A little faster processor and doubled the … Continue reading

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Server Migration – Part 1

Before this week, my server that handles this website was beginning to show signs that it need a fresh start. It’s currently running CentOS 4.4, so I decided it’s time to upgrade. So I grabbed the latest DVD iso from … Continue reading

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Windows 7 “XP Mode” Mistake

Recently Microsoft had announced a big feature of Windows 7, “XP Mode” as most call it. This allows people to install all their favorite XP software that won’t run in Vista or 7 in a XP virtual pc. Or at … Continue reading

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Sun’s VirtualBox

Review of Sun’s VirtualBox, a virutalization program for running multiple guests operating systems. Continue reading

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VMWare Server 2.0 Beta

Vmware has announced the beta of their virtualization product. I haven’t tried out the newest version yet but I use Vmware Server on an almost daily basis for testing with different operating systems. I have several distros of linux installed … Continue reading

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