Server Migration – Part 1

Before this week, my server that handles this website was beginning to show signs that it need a fresh start. It’s currently running CentOS 4.4, so I decided it’s time to upgrade. So I grabbed the latest DVD iso from CentOS for 5.4 and installed a clean virtual machine on my desktop. I’ve just finished migrating everything from the old server to the virtual machine. I’ve also done away with the cobbled together mail solution of sendmail, dovecot, and assp I had running in favor of a very nice open-source Exchange-type replacement called Zimbra.

The next step after a couple of days of testing will be wiping the old drive in the old server and installing VMWare ESXi on it. I decided to virtualize to make it easier to upgrade in the future when I decide to build a new desktop. I’ll retire my current desktop and recommission it as the new server and having everything virtualized should make the transition much smoother. I’m hoping downtime will be minimal if any at all.

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Small town IT worker with interests in all things technological and technical. Biggest interests are in web development especially the WordPress publishing platform and the community supporting it. Currently developing and maintain the free WordPress theme Techozoic. I'm also always available for hire.
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