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IE 8 users downgrading to IE 7

Quoted from Infoworld. As of 8:00 am Monday, IE8 — released Thursday — held 1.86% of the browser market, down from a high of 2.59% on Sunday, according to market watcher Net Applications. The most likely reason for the decline is that early adopters of IE8 are switching back to the more familiar, and –at this point — reliable Explorer 7 browser Continue reading

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Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 Released

IE 8 is set to be released today, some of the new features of IE 8 are:
Smart Address Bar, Tab Groups, Redesigned “New Tab” Page, Reopen Last Browsing Session, Enhanced Find On Page. Continue reading

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Want Firefox Installed on Your New OEM PC?

The EU claims Microsoft is hurting the browser competitors by bundling Internet Explorer with Windows. EU wants to force OEM computers to have other browsers preinstalled. Continue reading

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Samba 4: An Active Directory Replacement

Samba 4 which is still in development adds some of the features of Active Directory. Continue reading

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ArsTechnica Review of Windows 7

ArsTechnica has a rather extensive review of Windows 7, including the new taskbar, window management, and improvements to explorer and the control panel. Continue reading

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