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Google Maps API

In a recent project it was asked to provide a Google map on a number of pages. It would have been to time consuming to create a custom map and manually place the code on each page. Instead using the Google Maps API was a better choice because the address could be pulled from a custom field in the post and used to create the map. The first step is signing up for a API key, as with most Google products is free and only requires a Google account. Continue reading

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Google Chrome’s First Bug

The first vulnerability of Google’s new browser has been announced and fixed. The bug is a buffer overflow when the user tries to save a web page containing a very long title tag. Continue reading

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Google Chrome Screen Shots

Screen shots and review of Google Chrome after being released. Continue reading

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Google Chrome

Google Chrome is an all new web browser from Google. Continue reading

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Sun Acquires MySQL

Sun Microsystems will be buying the open source database software MySQL for 1 billion dollars. While being an open source company and giving it’s software away MySQL offers paid support to customers, and one of those customers is Google. So the 1 billion dollar price tag seems pretty fair. Here’s the official news from Sun. Continue reading

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