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Cloud-Based Development Environment

Keeping development environments in sync between two locations can be challenging. One solution might be to switch to a cloud-based environment using DropBox. Netbeans is an IDE that works very well, as it has ftp/sftp support and git/svn integration. Netbeans … Continue reading

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Windows 7 to contain “XP Mode”

Windows 7 Professional and Ultimate is stated to having an XP mode where applications that only run in XP can be installed in a virtualized XP environment and linked to the Windows 7 desktop. Microsoft is including this feature to hopefully ease businesses into upgrading with the assurance that the critical business apps will still run. This is one of the big reason Vista still hasn’t been adopted by businesses. This feature should be in the upcoming April 30th Release Candidate. Continue reading

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VMware Launches It’s Cloud OS – vSphere 4

VMware announced it’s newest product dubbed vSphere 4. vSphere allows a small business to tap seamlessly into much more processing power via commercial cloud computing service such as Amazon’s EC2. Or it allows large business with multiple data centers to consolidate resources together seamlessly. Continue reading

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Conficker Worm Signatures to be Released

According to The Register the conficker worm will have a signature that admins will be able to use to find which machines might have the worm. Up til now the only way was to monitor traffic and with Conficker C that was impossible as it didn’t send any traffic on the network but was waiting for instructions on a certain day. Continue reading

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Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 Released

IE 8 is set to be released today, some of the new features of IE 8 are:
Smart Address Bar, Tab Groups, Redesigned “New Tab” Page, Reopen Last Browsing Session, Enhanced Find On Page. Continue reading

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