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Next Step in IT: DC Power?

New idea for managing power resources in large data centers. Instead of AC using DC power for servers. Continue reading

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AMD new Phenom chip overclocks to 6Ghz

AMD’s new 45nm processor the Phenom II looks to be set to take the on Intel again. While being demoed for the press they were able to overclock the quad-core processor to 5Ghz using dry ice. . . Continue reading

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The Cost of Linux

The Linux Foundation has calculated the total cost of developing a Linux Distro. They used Fedora 9 as their basis. The total cost estimated to be 10.8 billion dollars. Continue reading

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Sun’s VirtualBox

Review of Sun’s VirtualBox, a virutalization program for running multiple guests operating systems. Continue reading

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FTP viruses

F-secure has noticed a trend that more malware is being spread though FTP. As most can remember when viruses and other nasties were spread through email attachments, well that’s be fairly well defeated. Then came the drive-by-downloaders which use http … Continue reading

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