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CloudFlare IP Address in MyHosting VPS Logs

After setting up a new VPS with MyHosting I noticed in the logs all the IP addresses belonged to CloudFlare. This is of course because CloudFlare proxies all the requests to speed up the site with it’s CDN. This is … Continue reading

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WordPress, Caching, and Compression

After reading an interesting article dealing with optimizing your WordPress blog I decided to optimize mine. I detail how I cut page load times in half by simply enabling caching and compression in an Apache web server. Continue reading

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Web 2.0ing My Blog

As you can see I’ve be doing some minor cosmetic enhancements of my blog. I’ve redone the header and footer in my newest favorite image manipulation the GIMP. I’ve added the Web 2.0 sidebar labels with the text being reflected. … Continue reading

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Problem Solved

I’ve gotten my blog back to 100%. The problem was with an incorrect verison of php. So I complied the latest verison in the 4.x branch and that seems to have fixed the problems. It was a battle figuring out … Continue reading

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I’m having trouble

My new server seems to be acting up a little bit. For some reason one small area of my blog isn’t accessible any more as when you try to access it apache dies. I’ve been searching google for a day … Continue reading

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