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Ribbon Style Navigation Menu With No Images

Want a different type menu for your next project? A 3d ribbon style navigation menu adds some pop to a plain jane site. This site currently utilizes this type of menu, but using images and multiple containers. This technique uses … Continue reading

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WordPress, Caching, and Compression

After reading an interesting article dealing with optimizing your WordPress blog I decided to optimize mine. I detail how I cut page load times in half by simply enabling caching and compression in an Apache web server. Continue reading

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Dynamic Stylesheets using PHP

Recently while doing some work on my theme for WordPress I came across a very helpful idea. Using PHP in a stylesheet to make it more dynamic. The basic idea is to use PHP variables and define certain elements that repeat in various places such as a color code to make it easily changeable by only having to change one line instead of searching for and replacing multiple times. Other examples are fonts, images, widths, even whole sections of code could be shown or hidden with the use of variables and an if statement. Continue reading

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Expandable Comment Replies – Plugin Review

My review of a new plugin that is running on my blog, and how it came to be. Continue reading

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Safari for Windows

Review of Apple’s Safari browser for windows.
Safari feels very fast opening pages. It’s got all the standard web browser features, tabbed browsing, rss feed reader… Continue reading

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