Safari for Windows

I just downloaded Safari 3.1 for Windows, yes downloaded not forced-updated, and my initial impressions are good. Apple has been catching crap over the way the have released Safari to Windows users through Apple Software Updater. While the name implies that it will only update software you’ve installed Apple decided to push out Safari with it as well, the kicker is that it is checked by default. Infoworld explains more.

Safari feels very fast opening pages. It’s got all the standard web browser features, tabbed browsing, rss feed reader, form auto-fill. I really like the built-in rss reader, it puts Firefox reader to shame. Screen shots will follow. Another big feature is the private browsing right out of the box in Firefox you need a plugin for that but Safari has this as a standard feature.

Update: It seems that Apple violates it’s on EULA with the new Safari for Windows. According to The Register Safari can only be installed on Apple hardware running Windows.

Screen shots of the Feed reader that I really like. The feature that I really like is the article length slider which adjusts the article length on the fly.

Safari Feed Reader Interface

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