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Want Firefox Installed on Your New OEM PC?

The EU claims Microsoft is hurting the browser competitors by bundling Internet Explorer with Windows. EU wants to force OEM computers to have other browsers preinstalled. Continue reading

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Happy Birthday Mouse

The humble mouse turns 40 today. Link to page with history of the mouse from it’s initial conception to today. Continue reading

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FTP viruses

F-secure has noticed a trend that more malware is being spread though FTP. As most can remember when viruses and other nasties were spread through email attachments, well that’s be fairly well defeated. Then came the drive-by-downloaders which use http … Continue reading

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Stories from a Data Recovery Firm

Or Stupid people should own electronics. Ontrack data recovery tells stories of the unusual and usually stupid ways people break stuff. Everything from a photographer spray insecticide inside his computer because of an ant infestation, to a scientist drilling a … Continue reading

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Windows XP Service Pack 3

It seems that with XP’s newest service pack won’t only be a bug fix/patch release but will actually help performance. Using an Office benchmarking tool the Devil Mountain Software group have shown the new Service Pack to have as much as a 10% boost over Service Pack 2 and over twice as fast of the same test under Vista. One more reason to stick with trusty old XP a little longer. Just goes to prove that Vista’s biggest competitor is XP itself. Continue reading

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