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Fedora 8 Released

Fedora 8 was released and some of the biggest improvements were to the audio system. A new daemon dubbed PulseAudio allows much more control over audio streams and the programs producing them. Another big improvement is the inclusion of a … Continue reading

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HP Selling MediaSmart WHS

Windows Home Server (WHS) I did a review of the beta release of WHS back in March, and now it seems that it has finally it the market. WHS is a nice product that simplifies the process of backups and … Continue reading

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Mac Malware

Yes you heard right. The first malware written for the Mac has been named OSX.RSPlug.A by Intego (a Mac-security company). The malware is disguised as a video-codec that users are tricked into installing in order to watch nasty movies. This … Continue reading

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It’s Aliveeeeee

I’ve just had to raise my pc from the dead. Recently the power went out and unfortunately my pc was lost in the depths of corrupted hard drives. I tried everything I knew to allow me to get back to … Continue reading

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AMD releases “TeraFLOP in a Box”

AMD just released this press release, stating that they now have a single machine capable of hitting the teraflop range of calculations. The machine has an Opteron dual-core processor and two next-generation AMD R600 “Stream Processors”(GPUs). ZDnet has an article … Continue reading

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