HP Selling MediaSmart WHS

Windows Home Server (WHS)

I did a review of the beta release of WHS back in March, and now it seems that it has finally it the market. WHS is a nice product that simplifies the process of backups and acts as a central repository for all your photos, music, moves. The beta was very simple to install and extremely easy to connect client computer to the server (inserting a CD). HP delayed their release of the product as they were adding custom software to connect to some of their other software.

From HP

MediaSmart, which won’t ship until later this month, is priced at US$599 with 500GB of storage, or $749 with a terabyte of disk space. Those prices were identical to the listings leaked by Amazon.com in late August.

Although this is more of a niche product that niche has been growing lately, 50% of homes have at least two PCs and 25% have more than three. Although I personally use a Linux server for all my needs, this is a very nice product from Microsoft (I know I can’t believe I said it either)

Source: PCWorld

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