Why Companies Need IT

Companies and businesses will always need an IT department, why you ask. Because the people these companies hire just don’t care about security or just don’t know any better. A recent survey of employees revealed that at least 35% have violated IT policies put in place to protect company as well as customer’s data. At least 15% have use P2P networking clients on corporate networks, if thats not asking for trouble I don’t know what is. What you had 100,000 customer accounts in your shared folder, oh well?!

Most employees don’t care about their information either, 3/4 or employees check their personal accounts (email, banking, ebay) from work. Not only does this pose a security problem in the form of spyware, viruses, and other forms of nasties, but puts their personal information out on a public network. That same 3/4 also probably installs the good ol bonzi buddy, and my cool web search. This is why companies will also need IT to clean up the mess their idiotic employees make, oh and to have someone to blame for the whole lost customer account thing.

Source: Net Security.org

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