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X-ray Scotch Tape

Yes if you peel scotch tape in a vacuum it emits x-rays that are powerful enough to actually use with x-ray film. A couple of scientists in California discovered this and even took an x-ray of their finger to prove it. Continue reading

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We’re Still Alive

They’ve turned on the LHC (Large Hadron Collider) and the universe as we know it didn’t collapse. For awhile it was thought that this massive machine would cause a cataclysmic black hole that would suck in the entire universe, they were wrong. Hooray! Continue reading

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Encyclopedia of Life – Now Online

The encyclopedia of Life that I wrote about some time ago, has just brought it’s first 30,000 pages online. The goal of the project which is slated to last 10 years is to catalog the entire earths known living species, … Continue reading

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Disk Encryption Defeated

It appears that the disk encryption schemes used by different operating systems can be easily circumvented. Princeton Researchers have disproved a common misconception of one of the key components of a computer, that the system’s RAM loses all information stored … Continue reading

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Sony Helps Fight Diseases

Many may be aware of the [email protected] project run by Stanford University, but thanks to Sony now they have a Guinness record. This record certifies the [email protected] project as the most powerful distributed computing system, reaching over 1 petaflop (thousand … Continue reading

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