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Holiday Shopping Tips

During the holiday seasons countless people spend more and more money online. Online shopping is becoming more popular, for many reasons. It’s easier than fighting crowds at large stores. Many online stores run special sales during holidays. Overall it’s just … Continue reading

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Conficker Worm Signatures to be Released

According to The Register the conficker worm will have a signature that admins will be able to use to find which machines might have the worm. Up til now the only way was to monitor traffic and with Conficker C that was impossible as it didn’t send any traffic on the network but was waiting for instructions on a certain day. Continue reading

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FTP viruses

F-secure has noticed a trend that more malware is being spread though FTP. As most can remember when viruses and other nasties were spread through email attachments, well that’s be fairly well defeated. Then came the drive-by-downloaders which use http … Continue reading

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Important VMWare Security Exploit

Core Security has the full report but if your using VMWare Workstation, Player, or ACE on Windows there is a security exploit in the shared folders feature that allows a traversing of folders not being shared. According to VMWare until … Continue reading

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Disk Encryption Defeated

It appears that the disk encryption schemes used by different operating systems can be easily circumvented. Princeton Researchers have disproved a common misconception of one of the key components of a computer, that the system’s RAM loses all information stored … Continue reading

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