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Cloud-Based Development Environment

Keeping development environments in sync between two locations can be challenging. One solution might be to switch to a cloud-based environment using DropBox. Netbeans is an IDE that works very well, as it has ftp/sftp support and git/svn integration. Netbeans … Continue reading

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Sun’s VirtualBox

Review of Sun’s VirtualBox, a virutalization program for running multiple guests operating systems. Continue reading

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VMWare Server 2.0 Beta

Vmware has announced the beta of their virtualization product. I haven’t tried out the newest version yet but I use Vmware Server on an almost daily basis for testing with different operating systems. I have several distros of linux installed … Continue reading

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I’ve Moved Sites

Well not really moved just shortened my url. If you spot any problems with the site please feel free to leave a comment or contact me in my forums. I’ll be doing alot of testing making sure the transition went smoothly. Currently I have the old website redirecting directly here. Continue reading

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Scamers Get Scammed

I think this is hilarious. A group of scammers called Mr Brain provide different phising, scamming tools to would be scammers. The reason the groups scripts are so popular are their ease of implementation, some can be done in as … Continue reading

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