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Cut Vista down to size

A nice little free utility came to my attention recently, called vLite. Although I have virtually no experience with Vista nor do I want any, this little tool seems to cut out some of the excess that Microsoft insists on installing by default. Taking the installation down from the standard 15 GB, to just 1.4 GB. It can also integrate hot fixes and other patches, then make the whole thing into a burnable ISO. Continue reading

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Stories from a Data Recovery Firm

Or Stupid people should own electronics. Ontrack data recovery tells stories of the unusual and usually stupid ways people break stuff. Everything from a photographer spray insecticide inside his computer because of an ant infestation, to a scientist drilling a … Continue reading

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Google Gdrive

While Google has been ever increasing it’s Gmail capacity, Microsoft overtook them with their upgrade to their Live email services brand. But Google is looking to one up Microsoft this time. Google is getting ready to launch their G drive … Continue reading

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