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Solving 403 errors with CloudFlare

Recently I’ve switched over to using CloudFlare, for those unfamiliar it’s a proxy caching service. It caches resources from your site in several data centers. When looking over Google Webmaster Tools, I noticed every page it crawled was a 403 … Continue reading

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HTC Incredible – Name That Fits

I’ve recently traded my trusted Blackberry smartphone for an HTC Droid Incredible and I have to say the name truly fits this tiny powerhouse called a phone. The biggest feature that I’m loving right now is an usable app store, if you’ve every used Blackberry’s app world you’ll know what a painful experience that can be. Continue reading

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Techozoic Fluid now on Google Code

I’ve just setup proper project management for my Techozoic Fluid theme using Google Code.
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Google’s Chrome Released on Mac and Linux

Google’s Chromium browser (open-source Chrome) has been released for Mac and select Linux Distros, but the release page warns not to download unless you like incomplete software. Continue reading

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Google Chrome 1.0

Google Chrome is no longer beta, after only being beta for 3 and 1/2 months Google removed the beta tag with the release of 1.0. Continue reading

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