Web 2.0ing My Blog

As you can see I’ve be doing some minor cosmetic enhancements of my blog. I’ve redone the header and footer in my newest favorite image manipulation the GIMP. I’ve added the Web 2.0 sidebar labels with the text being reflected. The new gradient post background, newer lighter colors of blues and greys. I’ve recently added the Digg labels and of course Technorati Tags have been a mainstay for quite some time.

I’ve also taken the time to setup a dev blog where I can test all my latest ideas and not worry about screwing up my live page. I’m also currently beta testing the newest blog software I use called WordPress. I’ve also just starting using virtual hosts with Apache and I don’t know how I managed with them. It is so simple to setup and new sub domain with Apache. Just copy a few lines of a config file change the directory and host name and your off. I think I might document the process of installing multiple WordPress blogs on an Apache server for those who might need it. Stay tuned.

About Jeremy Clark

Small town IT worker with interests in all things technological and technical. Biggest interests are in web development especially the WordPress publishing platform and the community supporting it. Currently developing and maintain the free WordPress theme Techozoic. I'm also always available for hire.
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