Samba 4: An Active Directory Replacement

Samba 4 which is still in development is the file sharing/logon service program used in Linux that looks to replace Microsoft AD (Active Directory) completely. Although some of the features of AD are available in Samba 3 it takes a lot of work to get these working. At work we’ve recently switched our servers over to Linux and use Samba as a simple logon/file server. It took nearly a month of work to get everything right. The biggest feature missing from Samba 3 is group policies, to work around this we have very long logon scripts. With Samba 4 group policy will be implemented that will make everyone who uses Samba with Windows clients lives easier. No release date has been set but the developers are contemplating releasing a version for those who just want to use Samba as an AD replacement.

Source: Computerworld

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