My Server

I figured someone might be interested in the kind of server that I’m running. It’s an AMD XP 3000+ with 1.5 GB of Ram, 250 GB ATA 133 HD, 1Gbit NetGear NIC, and a CD-Rom drive. It was pieced together from a couple of my older computers when I recently upgraded my gaming computer. This is the third iteration of my server, one was temporary while switching from an older PC to the newer hardware

It’s currently running windows 2000 server with AD. I use IIS with FTP and Web services. I have 5 installed along with MySql for use with my webmail. Which now I’m using squirrelmail exclusively with IholaMail as my backup. The email server is hMailserver a very good open source imap pop3 smtp server. The total cost of all this was the orginal price of the parts and the electricity to run it. Everything else was either free or I somehow obtained a copy of it.

About Jeremy Clark

Small town IT worker with interests in all things technological and technical. Biggest interests are in web development especially the WordPress publishing platform and the community supporting it. Currently developing and maintain the free WordPress theme Techozoic. I'm also always available for hire.
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