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One thing that I have discovered recently is that I love PHP. When I was younger back in the dot com era of the internet, I wrote my own little webpage by hand by piecing html here and there and learning as I went. I would have never imagined that a whole Blog could be written in PHP. Of course alot of things then that seemed impossible are the norm today. I think many of the advances now are because of the recent increase in residential broadband. I can remember 5 years ago when I first had DSL and I thought that I was happenin’ now. Now I thinking of switching to 3 Mb DSL (4 times faster than back then), because I saturate this DSL link I have now on a regular basis. Since I hoping to drive more traffic to my webserver it might just take it.

About Jeremy Clark

Small town IT worker with interests in all things technological and technical. Biggest interests are in web development especially the WordPress publishing platform and the community supporting it. Currently developing and maintain the free WordPress theme Techozoic. I'm also always available for hire.
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