Diving into Linux

Recently at work I was introduced to a flavor of linux called CentOS. Now don’t get me wrong I’ve had some experience with linux. I’ve played with Red Hat 9, but that was just the workstation flavor. This OS is a full blown enterprise server, based on Red Hat Enterprise. So all yesterday I downloaded the four ISO disc set.

Eventually I plan on replacing the server I’m currently using with this new server. It was my old gaming machine so it will have plently of power. Namely, an Athlon 64 3400+, 3 gigs of ram, Gigabit Ehternet, and SATA Raid (don’t think I’m going to implement it though). The only thing I’ll miss is the Windows only WSUS. If you don’t know it handles Windows updates so they only have to be downloaded once then all computer on the network point to it to get Automatic Updates. I haven’t decided yet, I may leave the old server up as well.

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