Myspace fighting back

Even if my distaste for Myspace is so great that I’ve blocked all access to it at my house I have to admit they doing something good. Zdnet has the rest of the details here. Basically after a phishing scheme that compromised thousands of accounts, a clown that goes by the name ‘Spam King’ used those accounts to post spam to Myspace bulletins. So Myspace is now suing the ‘Kings’ pants off. This comes after Microsoft already sued the same guy for $7 million dollars for the same thing. This makes me think if he can afford a lawsuit like that and still go about business, no wonder some many people are sending spam because it’s so profitable.

It just wouldn’t be so profitable if everyone and their grandma set up a hotmail or yahoo account and then slung their address all over the internet. Then they think that this is a wonderful offer for Ma13 3nhanc3m3nt$ and that some prince in Nigeria would actually contact them for help, so lets send them our money. I guess that some blame has to be given to Mail admins who don’t have the resources to filter out all the crap that come through their servers. But with spammers taking over thousands of PC’s and using those to spam, which effectively makes most RBL just a waste of bandwidth. But I guess it’s just something that everyone will have to deal with whether we like it or not.

Now if you would excuse me I need to put my Soapbox away, don’t want anyone tripping over it you know.

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