Vmware Workstation 6 (Vista Compatible)

vmware.gifVmware announced that it’s newest iteration of it’s staple product Vmware Workstation will be released on Wednesday May 9, 2007. It also seems that it will support Windows Vista as either a host OS or a guest OS. Other important features being added.

Quoted from ITWorld

Workstation 6 supports the new Vista OS from Microsoft Corp. as a guest or host OS. It also displays an image on multiple monitors, which is important for users in financial services, computer-aided design and other environments. Workstation 6 also features the previously announced ACE Option Pack, which allows a user to store a virtual machine setup on a portable device, such as a USB drive, to transfer to another computer…

Workstation 6 also features an experimental “record and play” function, which he said records the deployment of a virtual machine and allows a user to rewind to the start of the recording and replay the deployment to see where bugs might have occurred. This would be particularly beneficial in software development because a tester could see where problems developed, Phillips said.

The Workstation 6 for use in a Linux or Windows host OS can be downloaded for US$189, and the ACE Option Pack for $69.

Source : ITWorld

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