Network Solutions at it Again

A little while back I wrote about NetSol nefarious domain front-running. Well they’re at it again. NetSol will put up parking page with their own adverts on your sub-domains that aren’t being used. Now it seems that unless you read the 59,000 word long EULA you wouldn’t even know about it and the fact that you can opt out.

This is an excerpt from their EULA:

You also agree that any domain name directory, sub-directory, file name or path (e.g.) that does not resolve to an active web page on your Web site being hosted by Network Solutions, may be used by Network Solutions to place a “parking” page, “under construction” page, or other temporary page that may include promotions and advertisements for, and links to, Network Solutions’ Web site, Network Solutions product and service offerings, third-party Web sites, third-party product and service offerings, and/or Internet search engines. You agree that Network Solutions may change the content and/or appearance of, or disable any of these temporary pages at any time, in its sole discretion, and without prior notice.

Edit: I came across this personally when looking at my position in the Google ranks. This site comes up before me and has an under construction page. You wouldn’t really know it was under construction except for a tiny little text box in the top right corner.

Source: The Register

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