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IE 8 users downgrading to IE 7

Quoted from Infoworld. As of 8:00 am Monday, IE8 — released Thursday — held 1.86% of the browser market, down from a high of 2.59% on Sunday, according to market watcher Net Applications. The most likely reason for the decline is that early adopters of IE8 are switching back to the more familiar, and –at this point — reliable Explorer 7 browser Continue reading

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Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 Released

IE 8 is set to be released today, some of the new features of IE 8 are:
Smart Address Bar, Tab Groups, Redesigned “New Tab” Page, Reopen Last Browsing Session, Enhanced Find On Page. Continue reading

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Microsoft’s Browser Slipping Market Share

IE has been losing market share, Firefox is continually growing, Safari and Chrome have also enjoyed growth. Continue reading

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IE patch released: Please Update

Microsoft has rushed out a patch to fix a serious zero-day exploit that was discovered last week. Continue reading

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Google Chrome 1.0

Google Chrome is no longer beta, after only being beta for 3 and 1/2 months Google removed the beta tag with the release of 1.0. Continue reading

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