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Network Solutions Class Action Suit

Shady business practices abound at Network Solutions. The domain registrar is being accused of ‘front-running’. What happens is when someone goes to the Network Solutions site and searches for the availability of a domain name Network Solutions immediately registered the name for itself. Then the company forces the user to pay outrageous fees to buy the name from them. One client in the suit said $34.99 when the same domain elsewhere would have been $9.99. For anyone who’s been burned by this practice this is welcome news. Continue reading

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Save XP Petition

For those that don’t know Microsoft plans to stop sales of Windows XP, and force everyone into using Vista. Infoworld has a petition for those that don’t want this fate for XP.

Save XP Continue reading

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VMWare Server 2.0 Beta

Vmware has announced the beta of their virtualization product. I haven’t tried out the newest version yet but I use Vmware Server on an almost daily basis for testing with different operating systems. I have several distros of linux installed … Continue reading

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Sun Acquires MySQL

Sun Microsystems will be buying the open source database software MySQL for 1 billion dollars. While being an open source company and giving it’s software away MySQL offers paid support to customers, and one of those customers is Google. So the 1 billion dollar price tag seems pretty fair. Here’s the official news from Sun. Continue reading

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Stories from a Data Recovery Firm

Or Stupid people should own electronics. Ontrack data recovery tells stories of the unusual and usually stupid ways people break stuff. Everything from a photographer spray insecticide inside his computer because of an ant infestation, to a scientist drilling a … Continue reading

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