Review of VMware Virtual Center

vmware.gifTechworld has a review about VMware’s newest addition to their VMware Server product line: VirtualCenter. Although this newest addition isn’t free, actually far from it: $1500, it seems that for a medium sized business that runs multiple servers hosting multiple VMs this product might be useful. Basically this new product is installed on one server then connects to all the other VMware Servers running and allows remote administration of each one in a centralized place. This is easier than connecting to each server individually to change a few settings and check on the server health. This tool also allows you to view the actual machine running inside VMware server from the same centralized place.

From VMware

  • Contain hardware cost – Eliminate the need to purchase a new physical server every time you need to roll out a new workload or server.
  • Enjoy rapid provisioning – Reduce the time you need to provision a server from hours/days down to minutes, allowing administrators to respond more immediately to requests for IT services.
  • Centralized management and monitoring – Improve operational efficiency and ensure your systems are up and running.


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