This is scary

According to Symantec

U.S.-based credit cards with a card verification number were available for between US$1 to $6, while an identity” including a U.S. bank account, credit card, date of birth and government-issued identification number” was available for between $14 to $18,

To gain access to the information needed for the sale of identities hackers use a combination of social engineering, maliciously crafted word documents, and any of the zero-day exploits being announced all the time. They then send the word document with it’s dubious payload to unexpecting users. Since it is a word document commonly assumed to be safe and since most email servers don’t block these type of attachments, the user happily clicks on it and all is lost.

  • Symantec has a video showing how these attacks happen.
  • Macworld has the rest of article on this very scary transaction.
  • Symantec’s full white paper on the whole deal here. (warning large pdf)
  • Itwire also has this article on more of Symantec’s report.

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