Vmware’s New Enterprise Product

vmware.gifVmware’s newest virtualization product Vmware ACE 2 is now in public beta. This product seems like it will blow the competition out of the water. From the short description of the beta on Vmware, it seems that you can create one virutal machine for a whole department, floor, etc and it not matter if it’s a what type of computer.

From Vmware:

Create, Package & Deploy: With VMware ACE 2, IT administrators use VMware’s Workstation 6 to create and package a hardware-independent, IT-managed PC within a secured virtual machine and deploy it to a physical PC or portable media such as a USB flash drive.
Manage: VMware ACE Management Server delivers easy control and management of virtual desktop image from a centralized console. It supports dynamic policy updates, including the ability to activate or deactivate a virtual desktop at any time.

The biggest selling point to me is the fact that the virtual machine can be deployed to portable media: USB hard drive, thumb drive, even and Ipod. Playfuls.com has another article about the rest of the features. Here is a direct link to the beta page: ACE 2

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