Blank Archives After Deactivating Jetpack

One of the latest features I’ve added to my Techozoic theme was infinite scroll support for the Jetpack plugin.  It’s a great feature and fairly easy to integrate.  One snag I ran into was after testing with Jetpack enabled and releasing the update I had numerous reports of the archive pages being blank.  This was a stumper because I hadn’t changed anything with the archive pages, and the archives worked perfectly fine on my test site with Jetpack enabled.  I finally figured it out installing the theme on another site, and seeing the problem first hand. 

The root of the problem is the way the infinite scroll uses the get_template_part function.  One of the steps to enable infinite scroll support is to make sure that the template part is named content-(post-format).php.  I had a different naming convention before implementing this feature and this was the whole problem,  I had forgotten to change the get_template_part function on the archive page, so it was calling a nonexistent template file.  The infinite scroll module during the ajax request calls the template part using the content-(post-format) name which is way it would work with Jetpack activated. 

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