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In producing, developing or enhancing a company website, there are a number of different issues that can come up. From improving the appearance of a website, to increasing its functional capabilities, to adding web security, there are simply a number of ways to go about the continual web development involved in maintaining part of a company online. Naturally, this means that a number of different services may come in handy throughout the process. However, there are also companies and programs that offer various means of web development support within a single package – for example, consider ShareFile.

Primarily designed as a support system for the transfer of large or complex files online, ShareFile now offers a bundle of services that, altogether, can significantly enhance the web capability and stability of any business website or company division online. Here are a few words on some of the specific services that are offered.

Large File Sharing
Certain files, from lengthy documents, to video presentations, etc. can be difficult to send by ordinary email, and other services that can help are often insecure. With ShareFile, your company will have the capability to send such files back and forth between employees and clients with ease, allowing for simpler and more efficient communications.

Professional Appearance
With ShareFile services, you will essentially be creating an online environment that is exclusively for your business and its clients. Along with this, ShareFile provides web designers that will work to make any new features included in your account fit in seamlessly with your company’s existing design features, ultimately resulting in a professional appearance that is easy to use and attractive for your customers and clients.

Flexible Access
Another perk of implementing ShareFile services is that you will gain access to file sharing on the secure network through a number of different devices. From apps and tools on mobile devices, to desktop widgets, ShareFile provides numerous ways to quickly access files without even bothering with a web browser or ordinary email.

Secure Capability
Finally, ShareFile also offers optimal security for your business related communications and file sharing. From backing up files, to providing customized security information and password-protected file sharing, ShareFile protects your work far more effectively than ordinary email and sharing methods. This not only allows things to run more smoothly, but also provides clients with a vital sense of trust and confidence.

Ultimately, whether or not each of these individual features is necessary depends largely on your company and what needs your online business has. However, with web development methods and technology constantly on the rise, taking advantage of these types of services is often the surest way to establish a functional, professional company website.

This is a guest post written by Todd Brandt. Todd is a blogger and freelance writer who contributes posts on the topics of web development and Internet security.

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