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WordPress 2.7 Released

Version 2.7 of WordPress has been released. I’ve been using the beta’s for quite some time, and I must say that I really like this version. There has been alot of dicussion about the new interface but I think it works great Continue reading

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Firefox 3.1 Beta 2 is ready for download

New features being introduced in Firefox 3.1, new support for web worker threads, new TraceMonkey JavaScript engine, improvements to the Gecko layout engine. Continue reading

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Google Chrome Screen Shots

Screen shots and review of Google Chrome after being released. Continue reading

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Network Solutions at it Again

NetSol will put up parking page with their own adverts on your sub-domains that aren’t being used. Now it seems that unless you read the 59,000 word long EULA you wouldn’t even know about it and the fact that you can opt out. Continue reading

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ICANN now using IPV6

ICANN the company that handles all the domain names and ip addresses for the world have just turned on IPV6 in 6 of the 13 root servers. So the movement to version 6 has begun. Some large companies have been … Continue reading

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